Street Child Rescue
P.O.Box 4837
Accra, Ghana

Telephone 011-233-24-363814

Street Child Rescue
P.O.Box 544
Hohoe, Volta Region - Ghana
Telephone 011-233-935-22309


Street Child Rescue Ghana was founded in 1998. Our project is a long-term child support program designed to provide for an entire spectrum of the disadvantage children, through education, counseling, medical assistance and also working to improve the chances of survival for the abandoned and the teenage parents in our community.

Site for the development of our facility

Over the years our organization has been working to improve the standard living for the street child and has continued to expand. In today’s SCR program, the organization is not only providing education and counseling through our participating volunteers but also improving the health care for children in need.

These motives also hope to provide invaluable support and offer the community we serve a youth  facility."

THE SCR CHILDREN'S VILLAGE"  Here they will be empowered to start making their own decision in the world, with the support provided by specially trained counselors.    .

By. James Boateng 

Agbeko & philanthropist
Peter Agbeko ( Member) with a visiting philanthropist- Stefane president- Horizon Cosmopolite- Canada


Board of Directors

  • Eric Asamoah
  • Herbert Acquaye
  • Rev. Kenneth Walley
  • Peter Agbeko
  • Festus Asamoah
  • Fifi Asamoah

Most of us have a pretty good idea and understanding of the definition (invest). It most commonly refers to the use of money to generate a financial gain or return. But SCR focuses on "investing in the resource of a nation". For instance -Investing in community and its social growth- to provide hope and determination to poor disadvantaged children.

This term of investment was usually seen as more of a philanthropic gesture than as a way of improving chances of survival for these children and the communities they represent.

Awareness of the environment and its social concerns are growing, so does the need for socially responsible investments. There is more to investing socially than just simply providing health care assistance to the homeless and disadvantaged. The economy needs to grow and provide jobs to place these teenagers.

Effective counseling and vocational training, sex education and developing a model for them to identify and to negotiate strategies with individual teens will be our major concern to ensure integration of their own perspective with other responsible issues in their lives.

The Street Child Rescue program seeks to secure funding to support, sponsor and coordinate the upkeep and placement of the children in an alternate homes or with eligible foster parents who will offer the teen mothers and homeless the opportunity to undergo vocational training and counseling. The project also provides a tangible means for the teens to directly improve their lives, the lives of their infants and promote better infant care practices in Ghana.

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